The City of the Mirage by Jerome Brooke (BtGN)

The City of the Mirage is ruled by the Divine Astarte. She has called the man who comes to be called the Conqueror to her service. Astarte was born on our own world.Astarte rules a vast empire of the multiverse. Her race seeded many worlds with life over the eons. The Conqueror leads her legions to victory in a war against forces led by her brother.


The Grass Skirt by Juliet Baranne (Amazon)

Oliver sails to Tahiti of the old days. He is to tutor the niece of a wealthy French woman. However, he has many lessons to learn from the women of the island!

Dear Uncle, I have reached Tahiti safely. I took a buggy to the DeMusset home. My duty will be to tutor her niece Theresa in English. Tahiti is lovely – and I will enjoy my stay. I hope that the family is well,

Your loving nephew, Oliver.


“Charmed, Madame,” I kissed the hand of Madame DeMusset.

“You are most welcome here, Oliver,” Madame said, with the trace of a smile.

“Hello,” her niece Theresa smiled broadly, extending her hand to me.

 “How was your trip?” Madame was an attractive French woman of middle years, with a lined face. She was a little plump, with dark hair and eyes.

“We made good time. The winds were favorable,” I replied. I had arrived in Tahiti yesterday, and came to the estate of the DeMusset family by buggy. I had been led to a small bungalow near the main house by a housekeeper, and helped to unpack. The bungalow had a large porch, a small kitchen, a bedroom and a setting room. The furniture in the bungalow was rattan and bamboo.

I had been offered the position of tutor by Madame DeMusset. I would tutor her niece, Theresa, in English and German.

“Would you like some wine?” Theresa gave me a glass, and asked me to take a chair on the veranda. Theresa had the dark hair of her aunt – she also had a full figure. “Where were you born, Oliver?” the young woman asked. I explained that I was from New York, with a degree from Yale. I had been recommended by the Dean at Yale for this position on Tahiti. I would tutor the young lady in English and German, and help with the correspondence. The DeMusset Pearl operation did a great deal of business with American and European firms.

“Is this your first trip to the Pacific?” asked Theresa, with a broad smile… .


The City of the Mirage

The City of the Mirage by Jerome Brooke is now on Amazon. The Divine Astarte is one of the last of her race. Her kind seeded many worlds with life. One of these realms was the planet of the Warrior.

The City of the Mirage in a dark fantasy.

Astarte is feared, not loved by her people – she is the Destroyer of Worlds. She is served by a legion of shield maidens. These cruel warriors are feared by all. They commit all manner of atrocities, such as impalement.

The people of her empire are also terrorized by the Beast Men. They are the offspring of members of an alien race and the daughters of men. They feed on human flesh. They use captive women to breed more of their kind.

Jerome Brooke was born in Indiana. He now lives in the Kingdom of Siam. He is married to Jira, a princess of the lost Kingdom of Nan. He has written a number of other books and stores in the Divine Astarte series – and a number of related series and cycles. Many short stores in the series have appeared in Welcome to Wherever and other magazines.


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